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 Basic Information:
Name:Dr. Shakira Nandini
 Personal Information:
Marital Status:Single
#Durga Pooja
About Me:I am settled in Portugal. My father was belong to Lahore, He was Migrated Muslim, formerly from Bangalore, India and my beloved (late) mother was converted Hindu, based in Lahore, Pakistan. I born in Lahore and brought up in Russia. Later, I moved with my mother to Philippine for a higher secondary education. My parents got separated when I was only 12. I started her Career in 2001 from Singapore as a model and also appeared in dance programs. Later I joined as an actress/dancer and model in Svět modelek, Czech Republic. , now I embraced Hinduism in 2013.
I am also, Senior Model Administrator is an Boom Models Management dedicated to providing information and analysis on health issues to policymakers, the media, and the general public. The Boom Models Management is not affiliated with any Adult Agency or Management.
The content for this booklet was provided by Me as part of an Boom Models Management partnership with Portuguese Adult-TV.

I Have No Clue What I'm Doing With My Life. In my free time, I like to spend time with my friends and family! I also like music a lot. During my free time i usually go out with my friends or if i do not feel like hanging out with anyone, I just stay in my room and listen to music.
The six things I could never do without
Intellectual stimulation.
Creative expression.
Regular access to bathing, with hot water.
Back scratches.
Sexual intimacy.

My favorite books, movies, music and food
BOOKS I love fantasy. I have an amazing ability to completely lose myself in whatever I am reading.

MOVIES As far as movies go, I generally lean the same direction as books. With the added ingredient of Drama.

MUSIC I am NOT a Christian Music fan and I will not listen to anything I cannot understand due to the amount of screaming involved.

FOOD Love Chinese & Japanese, Love Italian, Love good Mexican food(no taco bell please.: -P)

My Published Books:

Guide to getting Laid
My r*pe fantasy
One more time
Teen girls
Tips to better social life
مجموعہِ نندنی
پُرتگال کی سیاہی سے (آرٹیکل کا مجموعہ)

Appearance and Physical Features:
Age: 27 years
Height & Weight: 6’0”/1.84m, 128lbs / 58 kg
Size: 90/60/90
Eyes: Blue, Wide Set
Hair: Light Brunette
Type of Modeling
Editorial | Runway/Ramp | Catalogue | Print
Showroom | Lingerie | Swimwear | Sport/Fitness | Product

Key Skills and Qualities
Good sense of style – Great facial projection.
Tolerant and adaptable.
Positive attitude, excellent stamina and communication skills.
Ability to look good at all times.
Know-how to dress up properly.
Knowledge of make-up process applications.
Excellent walking posture – Familiarity in different poses.
Objective – To work in a fashion firm, in which I can utilize my modeling skills to become a perfect link between the brands and their clients.

Professional Experience
Dancer in Hubble Night Club Singapore 2001-03 Start Career
A global leader in the Dance industry,

Fashion and Porn Career Svet modelek, Czech Republic 2004 to Present

Key Contributions:
Promoted new designs, products, clothes and services in television shows, commercials, films and videos.
Presented clothing, designs and products in commercials, runways, advertisements, and/or fashion shows.
Selected Performance:

Met frequently with potential clients to present new design, clothing and products.
Follow strict routines of sport, diet, sleep and daily exercise to maintain great appearance.
Dressed in sample or completed outfits, and select accessories.
Made many changes backstage during shows and always kept poised appearance in front of audiences.
Knows the routine of enhancing appearance effectively, considering aspects such as – colors, camera techniques and facial features.
Maintained good relations with fashion customers to promote new products.

My belief:

Hinduism is truly a most powerful religion and philosophy of thought, and of life itself. It is so great and so vast, that it will take a genius to understand and absorb everything. But it is also so simple and logical, that it appeals to the most ignorant and innocent of people as well. It all depends upon the extent to which you’re ready to walk on the journey of discovery.
Update: In 2018 passed Ph.D in Dance & Music from University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
 Contact Information:
Email:[Please login to view detail]
University:Curtin University, Kent Street, Bentley, Perth Western Australia, 6102   Passed in 2005
College:International Academy of Design and Technology Cebu, Phillipine   Passed in 2001
School:Dance School Roman Kovgan, Khersonskaya ul., 43, Moskva, Russia, 117246   Passed in 1999
 Work Information:
Company:Boom Model Agency
Position:Model/Dancer Event Manager
Description:HR Administration & Outdoor Event Manager In 2018 passed Ph.D in Dance & Music from University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Country:Czech Republic
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